Flores Komodo Tour

Flores komodo tour is combination tour to flores island and komodo dragon island.  Basicaly, flores tour offers you tour to the island of flores. Basicaly, flores offers to discover Natures and culture. Moreover, flores tour offer tour unique nature of kelimutu three colors lake, waterfalls, fossil homo florensis, waterfalls Mirror cave. Then, flores tour offers you rich culture of flores people such Bena Traditional House, Wae Rebo Traditional house, Ende trasitional house and so much more.

However, the most intersting spot is gregorious of komodo dragon tours. The dragon which only live on indonesia. Moreover, Komodo tour more alive and wonderful is due to discover land tours and seas tour. Basicaly, land tour diacover wild life in the island such komodo dragon, Dear, monkeys, birds and some other endic plants. Meanwhile, sea park tour an komodo tour offers you to visit marine life park. Basicaly, sea park tour visit greatful of coral decks, various of colorful fish and beatiful beaches.

In short, Flores komodo tour offers you to visit wonderful nature and custom as well as gregorious of the komodo drgon as well as anorkeling as the main impressive spot.

Thank you very much.

We proud to explore about flores komodo tour as the impressive spot tour on earth.

Lets visit our amazing landscape and seascape. It is due to discover our nature, cultures as well the last dinosaurus on Earth.

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