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welcome to Flores  Tour

Flores Tour offers tour to beautiful nature and Culture of Flores island of Indonesia. Basically, Flores island lays rich of cultures and Natures.Flores  Tour offers you to see the marvelous landscape view, explores Natures as well to discovery unique cultures.

Generally, Flores Tour has some three types of tours.  Those types of tours are  Flores Culture Tour and Flores Natures Tour as well Flores island sightseeing tour.

firstly, Flores Tour special offers to see Great Nature of Kelimutu Lakes, Homo Florensis, Waterfalls. marvelous lakes, wonderful beaches. secondly, Flores Tour offers you to Explores sightseeing of beautiful Panorama such beautiful of Spiderweb Rice field, beautiful of sunrise and sunsets, etc. Thirdly, Flores Tour will discover great Unique cultures of People. The cultures of Flores has various and unique. Basically, discover Flores culture become valuable tours to know more hundreds of cultures. Moreover, During discover Flores island you will see Various types of Traditional Houses, Caci War Dance, etc.

Here are some tours package of Flores Island Tour

Flores Tour and Komodo Tours 7 Days 6 Nights

Marvelous Komodo Tours offers you Flores tour and Komodo island tours package. The Flores tour is trip to discover culture of Flores people and uniqueness of flower island Of Indonesia.

Moreover, it combines with Komodo Tour. Komodo Tours is famous due to existence of the huge of Komodo Dragon surrounding Komodo National Park.

The tour is selective tour package for exploring fabulous nature, Amazing Land as well Uniqueness of Ancient Lizard.of komodo island tour and Flores Tour

Day 1: Ende – Moni

Komodo Marvelous Tour Guide and Driver Pick you up at H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport by Ac Car at your Morning Flight from Denpasar or Kupang. Then you drive to Soekarno Museum to see House of first president of Indonesia.

Afterwards, you drive to Wologai. At Wologai you  see Traditional house of Ende Clan.

A head to Moni at slope of Kelimutu lake for overnight and dinner

Day 2: Moni- Kelimute Lake- Bajawa

Early Morning you start at 04 o’clock then drive to Kelimutu Lake. On the top of Lake you will see three colored lakes while you enjoying sunrise, The lakes’  color change overtime due to dissolve of chemical reaction in the bottom of the lake.

After discover Three colored lakes, descant to the hotel and having breakfast. After breakfast, continue to Saga Village where you can find Lioness Traditional House Architecture, continue to Nanga Penda, to see blue stone. People collect stones to sell as house decoration.

Day 3: Bajawa – Bena – Aimere – Ruteng

After breakfast in your hotel, then to Bena Traditional house of Bajawa as well as to see megalithic stone in the village.

Then, drive to Aimere to see people make local Arak distillation. Afterwards head to Ruteng Pu’u before check in hotel for overnight and dinner in Ruteng town

Day 4 : Ruteng- Spiderweb- Labuan Bajo

After having breakfast in your hotel. Then you drive to Cancar spider rice field, the land division system of Manggaraian peope.

Then, drive to lembor having lunch and see rice field as one rice production in Manggarai. Afterwards head to Labuan Bajo for overnight at hotel.

Day 5 : Labuan Bajo – Kelor – Rinca –Kalong Komodo

Breakfast in hotel, and then take you to pier for catching wooden boat starting sailing to Rinca and drop of in Kelor Island for snorkeling and swimming, keeping going to Rinca to see huge Komodo Dragon and other wild animals and several unusual plants. Official Ranger will accompany you to discover the island. Back to boat for sailing to Kalong Island, (L,D on board and overnight).

Day 6: Kalong Island – Komodo – Pink beach – Kanawa – Labuan Bajo

Wake up and then breakfast while enjoy morning sailing to Komodo island to see Komodo dragon. The official Naturalist Guide will accompany you during Tracking in the island.

You will see the Komodo Dragon and another wild life such as dear, wild board,birds as well as some varieties of plants.

After you visit komodo island as the famous island, you sail to Pink Beach. You will do snorkeling on the unspoiled water which varieties of coral reefs and colorful fishes as well as best place for sunbathe on the pink sandstone. Afterwards you sail to Kanawa Island for snorkeling and enjoy the beach. Then, you sail to Labuan Bajo to check in hotel for overnight and dinner.

Day 7: Hotel- Komodo Airport

our guide and driver pick you up at Hotel by car, then drop you off at Komodo Airport for next destination of your tour


Komodo Tours and Flores tour 6 Days 5 Nights

Komodo Tours  and Flores  tour offers you tours to komodo Dragon and Flores tour.

Basically, main objects to visit in komodo tours and Flores tour is to discover gregarious of Komodo Dragon and discovers impressive culture, nature of Flores Island tour.

Day 1: Labuan Bajo- Manta Ray-Pink Beach- Kalong

Our tour guide and driver pick you up at Komodo Airport by car. Then, drive to Labuan Bajo Harbor.

On arrival at harbor, you catch local wooden boat.Then, you sail to Manta Ray point. Arriving on Manta point, you do snorkeling its due to see manta ray in the water.

After you see Gregorius attraction of Manta Ray, you sail to Pink Beach. Arriving at Pink Beach, you enjoy the pink sandy beach.  Moreover, you do snorkeling around the beach.

Basically, Pink Beach is beautiful beach which has thousands of marine life in the unspoiled water. Moreover, it has beautiful of coral deck reefs as home of various of colorful fish

After snorkeling at Pink Beach, you sail to Kalong Island. On Arrival at Kalong Island you get dinner and overnight on Board

Day 2: Kalong Komodo- Komodo Island- Rinca- Manjerite- Labuan Bajo

You wake up in the morning, then you get breakfast. After breakfast you sail to komodo island. On arrival at the island, Naturalist guide accompany you during trekking.

Naturally, on komodo island you will see impressive of  gregarious lizard on earth which called Komodo Dragon.

After trekking on komodo island, you sail to Rinca Island. Arriving on Rinca, you will see komodo dragon and some other wild life as well as best photo spot.

After trekking on Rinca, you sail to Menjerite. On Arrival at Menjerite, you do snorkeling in pure water which has a lot of fish and coral reefs.

Snorkeling at Menjerite is over, then you sail to Labuan Bajo. Arriving at Labuan Bajo Harbor, our driver pick you, then transfer to your hotel.

Day 3: Labuan Bajo- Melo- Lembor Rice field- Cara Spiderweb Rice field- Ruteng

You start driving to Melo village. On arrival at Melo, you will visit tools of War Dance (Caci Dance ) as well as see local people way of life.

After visit Melo Village, you will drive to Lembor. Arriving at Lembor, you will see Rice field and having lunch in Local Restaurant.

Visiting lembor is over, then you drive to Cara spiderweb Rice field. Arriving on the top of Cara hill, you will see unique and beautiful of Rice field.

Rice field tours ends, then drive forwards to Ruteng. On arrival at Ruteng, you will check in hotel and having dinner in local restaurant.

Day 4: Ruteng- Rana Mese Lake- Borong- Aimere- Bena- Bajawa

In the morning, you drive from Ruteng to Rana Mese. On arrival at Rana Mese, you will see the beautiful Lake in the forest.

After you see Rana Mese Lake, you drive to Borong for having lunch. Then, you drive to Aimere to see Local Alcohol Production. Afterwards, you drive to Bena Village. On Arrival at the village, you will see Bena Traditional House and Megaliticum Stones. After visiting Bena Village, you drive to Hotel for overnight and Dinner

Day 5:Bajawa- Ende- Moni

In the morning, after breakfast in the hotel you drive to Moni. On the way to Moni particularly at Ende town, you will visit Soekarno Museum. After you visit Soekarno Museum, you drive to Moni Village for overnight and dinner

Day 6: Moni – Kelimutu Lake-Airport

In the morning, you drive to Kelimutu Lake. On arrival at Kelimutu lake you will see sunrise and see three colors lake. After see the lakes, you drive to hotel for breakfast and drive back to Ende. Arriving at Ende, you drive to Airport for flight to another tour destinations

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