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Komodo Dragon Facts in General

Komodo Dragon facts is basic knowledge of tourist. It is base knowledge of tourist who want to plan tour to Komodo National Park of Indonesia. Basically, by knowing the komodo dragon facts help you to know information of the komodo itself. That is why, we inform you some  kinds komodo dragon facts

Komodo dragon Live and life facts

 Komodo Dragon has been famous when Van Broek was running the military job in Komodo Island on 1910. She was colonel of Holland. He found the dragon and killed then brought to museum and botanical garden in Bogor in order to be investigated it more. The result of the research on Komodo Dragon was a great species of the reptile. Then, the name of the Dragon is Komodo and the Latin name is varanus komodoensis . By the time, the island that lives the dragon was name Komodo Island. In 1911, Peter Owens as a curator Botanical Garden in Bogor wrote down about Komodo Dragon entitled” on a large species from the island of komodo”. Then, the Komodo became well known since 1911 in science in the world..

The Komodo Dragon lives in five islands. Those islands are Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Motang Island and Nusa Kode Island. Those five island becomes Komodo National Park which the main purpose to protect the endanger life of the Komodo dragon. Moreover these islands became of heritage site on 1991 by UNESCO. Even the komodo in these islands became one of new seven wonder on 2011

Komodo Dragon is Reptile species

Komodo Dragon ( varanus Komodoensis) is family of lizard. It is belongs to the greatest lizard on the lizard family. Moreover, it is reptile greatest reptile on Earth. Due to the komodo is reptile, it implies is cool blooded animal. It always keeps temperature its body.

Komodo dragon is Carnivorous and Cannibal

Komodo dragon eats all kinds meat. moreover, the old komodo eats young komodo even  male komodo eats its baby. Dangerously, the dragon eats people. In short, komodo dragon is top predator on komodo national park.

Komodo Dragon Behaviors and Adversary facts

Basically, Komodo Dragon behaviors depends on its body temperatures and foods. Moreover, komodo dragon more active in the morning on 07 a.m to 10.a.m and 03 p.m to 05 in the afternoon. Then, in the night they just sleep.

Basically, komodo seems like sleepy and lazy animal when they close to the adversary. Moreover, it is just camouflage way to trap the adversary. Then, when they really closest to the adversary, the directly snap to to catch it by its claws, mouth which sharp teeth as well its strong tail

Komodo Dragon Reproduction facts

Komodo reproduction has two kinds, both biological process and parthenogenesis process. Basically, parthenogenesis process where female komodo dragon hatches eggs without mating process. Moreover, the eggs hatches male komodo dragon. As the result komodo dragon population is 3 male compare 1 female. Moreover, The biological reproduction of komodo dragon start at may every year. Basically, on may to June is mating season of komodo Dragon. particularly, before they mate, female komodo dragon fights one to another which the winner is the the mating couple female dragon while female is waiting on the borrow nest.

Basically, incubation time is nine months which starts from July to march. Moreover, during incubation the female dragon digs some camouflage nest borrow around original nest due to avoid from another predator. Moreover, on April male komodo dragon hatches the baby, then the baby climbs to three to survives its life.

Komodo dragon facts

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