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 Komodo Dragon has been famous when Van Broek was running the military job in Komodo Island on 1910. She was colonel of Holland. He found the dragon and killed then brought to museum and botanical garden in Bogor in order to be investigated it more. The result of the research on Komodo Dragon was a great species of the reptile. Then, the name of the Dragon is Komodo and the Latin name is varanus komodoensius . By the time, the island that lives the dragon was name Komodo Island. In 1911, Peter owens as a curator Botanical Garden in Bogor wrote down about Komodo Dragon entitled” on a large species from the island of komodo”. Then, the Komodo became well known since 1911 in science in the world..

The Komodo Dragon lives in five islands. Those islands are Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Motang Island and Nusa Kode Island. Those five island becomes Komodo National Park which the main purpose to protect the endanger life of the Komodo dragon. Moreover these islands became of heritage site on 1991 by UNESCO. Even the komodo in these islands became one of new seven wonder on 2011

Komodo Dragon is carnivorous and cannibal. The komodo eat whole the animals such as deer, buffalo, horse, birds, wild pig, etc. The Komodo Dragon also eats another death komodo, they eat the baby komodo. Then the male komodo eats their s baby

Komodo Dragon is top predator animal in the island. There no one animal that endangered to their life. There is no one animal that is defeat the komodo. Even water buffalo, which the biggest animal on the island still defeated by komodo

The size of komodo is up to 3 meter. The male komodo length is 3 meter up to 3, 11 meter. Whereas the male length is 2, 5 meter. The komodo that size less than 1 meter they can climb up the trees while the komodo that size more than 1 meter they cannot climb up the tree because its body is weight.

Komodo Dragon is cold blooded animal. They are cool blooded killer. Their way to kill adversary use cool way by lazy movement and it seems like sleepy whole day.  Those behaviors are camouflage way to attack the adversary. When the adversary closer to the komodo, the komodo directly kill the animal use their sharp teeth, long claws and the tail.

The komodo Dragon can eat 80% of its body weight. Their weights can more than 90 kg. Their weight is flexible depends on the food they eat. Even, they eat one time for one month and could be every day which depends on the adversary the get.

Komodo Dragon behavior depends on the air temperature. The temperature is very great effects to their life. Komodo is very active time at dry season since 7 am up to 10 am, and then at 3 pm to 5 pm is active time in the afternoon. Komodo does not active at rainy season as well they do not active in the night either at dry season or at rainy season.

Komodo  Dragon Mating season at May to august. The Komodo dragon has unique way to mate. Before female komodo mate to male komodo, it digs the land to make nest

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