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Komodo Tour and Diving Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

Komodo Island Tour and Diving

Komodo tour and diving tour 3 days 2 nights is combination komodo tours package both  komodo land park tours and Marine park tours. Basically, land tours offers you to visit some island on Komodo parks to visit greatest of Komodo Dragon island tour.

Meanwhile, Marine  park tours offers you to explore Marine life in the water. Here are some places to visit and diving around on komodo tour package. Those island are Komodo Island, Manta Ray, Rinca Island, Pink Beach and Kalong Island.

Day 1: Labuan Bajo – Kelor – Rinca -Kalong

komodo tour guide picks you up at Komodo Airport . Then, you catch harbor. In the way to the harbor, you are going to take picture at Waringin Hill to take picture of Labuan Bajo Harbour and seascape View.

On arrival on harbour, you sail to Kelor Island through wooden boat.

Normally, sailing from the harbour to Kelor Island  takes one hour. On arrival at Kelor Island, you going to swim and snorkelling around the Island. moreover, you will enjoy beautiful coral, colourful fish as well sunbath on the beautiful white sandstone.

After enjoying the Kelor Island, you will sail to Rinca Island. It spends one and half hour from to the Island.

on arrival at Rinca Island, Naturalist Guide accompany you during the trekking and hiking on the wild forest to see the wild life.

Naturally, the wildlife in this island is still endemic. In this island you are going to see the Komodo Dragon which unique characteristics.

Not only Komodo exist in the island, but also you will see long tail endemic monkey, Timor Deer, Water Buffalo, Endemic plants.

During the hiking and trekking you will enjoy the sounds birds while you see the attraction of Komodo Dragon Tour and the others Animal.

This island is very good for photo spot. Beside you take picture of Komodo dragon itself, you will take pictures of landscape and seascape on the top of hill.

After you finish the trekking, you will sail back to Fox Island. On the way to fox island you will enjoy the sunset.

At Fox Island you will watching amazing attraction of thousands fruit baths (Fox) which flying from their mangroves nest to find the foods to another island in the afternoon.

Your dinner will be prepared on the boat and you are overnight in the boat.

Day 2: Diving Activities

On the second day, you do diving activities around Komodo National park. basically, during diving you will see the beautiful of various coral reefs, various colorful fish and a lots of marine life in unspoiled water.

then, you overnight on Komodo Komodo Island

Day 3: Komodo Island- Pink Beach- Labuan Bajo

Wake up and then breakfast while enjoy morning sailing to Komodo island to see Komodo dragon. Then,the official Naturalist Guide will accompany you during Tracking in the island.

moreover, during Trekking, you will see the Komodo Dragon and another wild life such as dear, wild board,birds as well as some varieties of plants.

After you visit komodo island as the famous island, you sail to Pink Beach. You will do snorkeling on the unspoiled water which varieties of coral reefs and colorful fishes as well as best place for sunbathe on the pink sandstone.

Afterwards you sail to Kanawa Island for snorkeling and enjoy the beach. Then, you sail to Labuan Bajo to check in hotel for overnight and dinner.

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