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Flores Island Private Tour

Flores island private tour  are combination both Flores overland tour and Komodo Dragon tour. Flores island Private Tour discover several of culture, wonderful of Nature and uniqueness of people. Meanwhile, Komodo Dragon is the last dinosaurs evolution on earth as the family of varanus komodoensis.
These uniqueness inspires tour organizer to make your recreation become wanderlust memory in Flores and Komodo National Park of Indonesia by our Private Tour packages

Below is tour itinerary of flores Island Private tour packages that offer to you

Day 1: Ende – Moni ( Flores Island Private Tour)

Pick Up at Airport

Flores island Private Tour guide pick you at H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport in Morning flight at Ende. Then, driving to Soekarno Museum. Afterwards, drive to Nuabosi. At Nuabosi you will see scenery of Ende town.

visit Traditional house of Wologai

Then, driving to Wologai to see Traditional house of lionese. On wards drive to Moni village. You get dinner and overnight at Ecolodge Hotel.
The Hotel is located ln the valley of Kelimutu Mountain lake, there is no AC the room because cold Climate region.

Day 2: Moni-Kelimutu Lake-Riung ( Flores Island Private Tour)

Visit Kelimutu lake Tour

At 04.00 o’clock in the morning you drive up to Kelimutu National Park for hunting sunrise and see three crater Colored Lakes of The Kelimutu Mountain. On arrival at foot of Mountain you get off from your car and start your tracking to the Lake. Moreover, on arrival at the top of Mount.

Great Sunsrise

Then, you will see great sunriseabove two crater of the lake. Moreover you will see the real of three crater volcanic Lake. The lake with full of magical power based on the tradition of Lio Clan, those lakes live the spirit of Lio People, those lakes namely Tiwu ata Polo, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Ko’o Fai and Tiwu ata mbupu.

Dring to Riung

After you visited the Magical crater lakes driving to the hotel for breakfast. Afterwards you drive to Riung for dinner and overnight

Day 3: Riung- Soa Hot Spring -Bajawa  ( Flores Island Private Tour)

Sailing to 17 Island

In the morning you will sail to 17 islands to see the panorama of these islands, watching flying foxes and do snorkeling around the island. Afterwards you sail back to Riung. On arrival at Riung, then you drive to Bajawa and stop in soa hot spring for taking bath, then continue to Bajawa for Dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Bajawa- Bena-Aimere-Ruteng

After breakfast, then you drive to Bena Traditional Village of Bajawa Clan to see traditional house and megahliticic stone. Afterwards you catch Aimere as place to produce local Alcohol drink (local language: sopi/Arak ). Then, Driving to Ruteng for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Ruteng – Wae Rebo

In the morning, after breakfast at hotel, then you drive to Cancar spiderweb rice field. On arrival at spiderweb Rice field you will see marvelous panorama of rice field which seems like a spiderweb.
After you visited rice field, then you drive to to Denge village as stop place of car. Then, you hike up to Wae Rebo village. You will hike to village which spend 4 hours hiking.
On arrival at the village, you will see traditional house of manggarai people which like cone. Not only the traditional huouse you get in the the Wae Rebo. The traditional life of people you will feel.

Day 6 Wae Rebo-Labuan Bajo

After enjoy traditional house and traditional life of people at the wae rebo village. Then you go down to Denge Village to continue your tour to Labuan Bajo.
On the way to Labuan Bajo pricely at lembor town. You will see the rice field of it’s society.
After visit the rice field, then you drive to Labuan Bajo and check in hotel

Day 7: Labuan Bajo- Rinca Island- Fox Island

Swimm and Hikking on Kelor Island

After breakfast time on the hotel, then you drive to harbor to catch some island. On arrival at harbor, you sail to Kelor Island by wooden boat. It takes one hour sailing to the island. On arrival at the Island you do swim and snorkeling around the Island.

Rinca Island Trekking

After enjoying the Kelor Island, then you will sail to Rinca Island. It spends one and half hour to the island. On arrival at the island, Naturalist Guide guided you during the trekking and hiking in the wild forest. You will see endemic wildlife. Moreover you are going to see the Komodo dragon.

Komodo Dragon and other Animals Tour

However, Not only Komodo exist in the island, but also you will see long tail endemic monkey, Timor Deer, Water Buffalo, Endemic plants. Then, This Island is very good for photo spot. Beside you take picture of Komodo dragon itself, you will take pictures of landscape and seascape on the top of hill.

Flying Fox and sunset

After you finish the trekking, you will sail back to Fox Island. On the way to fox island you will enjoy the sunset.
At Fox Island you will watch amazing attraction of thousands fruit baths (Fox) which flying from their mangroves nest to find the foods to another island in the afternoon. Then, your dinner will be prepared on the boat and you are overnight in the boat

Day 8: Fox Island-Rinca-Komodo-Pink Beach-Kalong

See Komodo Dragon on Rinca Island

In the morning wake up from your sleep the sunrise welcome you. Then, you get breakfast while sailing to Rinca Island to see last dinosaurs of komodo dragon.
Arriving at the Jurassic park of Rinca Island. You will be handled by Ranger during your hunting the great monitor lizard.

Sailing to Komodo  Island

Your hunting is over, then you sail to the natural habitat of the the dragon at komodo island. On the way to the Komodo Island, you will enjoy beautiful isles surrounding marine park.

Trekking on Komodo Island as Home of Dragon

On arrival at the the park. The naturalist will handle you to Jurassic Park to see the dragon on the natural habitat. Moreover, you will see the cockatoo bird, green imperial pigeon, Megapodius, will pig, deer, and some varieties of of plants.

Snorkell at Pink Beach

Afterwards you sail to Pink Beach. Naturally, the pink sandy beach. you could sunbathe on the beach, one spot of photo hunting as well. The water around the beach is unspoiled and rich of marine life such lots of colorful fish, Triangle coral reefs as well and some kinds marine life exist.
After you enjoy the Pink sandy beach, you sail to Kalong komodo for overnight

Day 9: Kalong-Taka Makassar-Manta-Kanawa-Labuan bajo

In the morning you sail to Taka Makassar for snorkeling under unspoiled water. The water is rich of coral reefs and varieties of fish
Then, you sail to Kanawa Island. On arrival at the island you will enjoy the beach which is clean and good phanoramic.
Moreover, you do snorkeling to see thousands of fish. In the island it has a restaurant. Afterwards, you sail to Labuan bajo for dinner at local restaurant and check in at hotel.

Day 10 : Mirror cave-Airport

The last day of your tour will drive to Mirror Cave to see the darkness cave. Which the places under sea level thousand years ago. Afterward, taking you to Komodo Airport. your flores island private tour is over

Tour Price of Flores Island Private Tour on Request

Price Include Flores island private tour:

  • English Speaking Guide
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Cabin Fan/ Ac Boat Boat to Rinca
  • Private Ac Car during land tour
  • Meals on Boat
  • Boat to Riung
  • Coffee and Tea and refreshment
  • Mineral Water

Price Exclude Flores island private tour:

  • Porter fee at Airport
  • Entrance fee at Kelimutu Lake
  • Entrance fee on Komodo National Park ( start from 310.000 IDR/Day/Person )
  • Donation Fee
  • all fee and donation in every tourism objects
  • meals during Land Tours
  • Life Insurance
  • Camera Fee
  • Tipping

Things to Bring on Flores island private tour:

• Jacket
• Trekking shoes
• mount Sandals/sneakers
• Phone and camera battery replacement

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