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Komodo Island Tour from Cruise Ship

Make your tour memorable with komodo island tour from cruise ship

Komodo Island Tours  from cruise ship is special komodo island tour package of Marvelous Komodo Tour.  Basically, Komodo Island Tour from cruise ship offers tourist to visit  komodo dragon as Ancient Monitor Lizard  family of varanus komodoensis is the last Carnivorous on earth which is as one of world heritage site since  1992 by UNESCO and in 2011 the Biggest Lizard became One of New Seven Wonders of the Nature.

it is Obviously, komodo dragon is exist only around komodo national park of Indonesia. Komodo Dragon as main destination of the tour object. Komodo  island Tour want to make tour memorable by combining Land tour and Marine Park tour. It will make your tour imprint ever.

During Komodo island tours from cruise, Not only Komodo Dragon that you visit during tour in the Island but also you will discover some animals. Those animals are monkeys, deer, wild board, wild chicken as well some kinds of birds.

komodo Island Tour from cruise ship which komodo island as the main spot of the tour. Moreover, komodo island tour copes Land Park tour and Marine Park tour. Basically, the land park tours you will discover and explore komodo island

Generally, marine park tour copes the Marine life tours. Basically, marine park tours has riches objects such rich of various coral reefs, varieties of colorful fishes. Moreover, Whale Shark, other types of Shark, Jelly Fish, Manta Ray, as well as some others marine Life tour.

Komodo Island Tour fromcruise ship Itineraries

Komodo island tour guide picks you at pier of the  Island. Then, the guide brings you get some cool drinks before trekking. Exploring komodo island starts, Official naturalist guide and our guide will accompany you during trekking in the the wild forest to visit giant lizard. Your trekking is two hours.

Trekking on the island end. Then, you sail to Pink Beach. It takes time thirty minutes to the pink sandy Beach. On arrival at the beach you will enjoy the wonderful vies as well sunbathe on the clean sandstone.

The water around pink beach is unspoiled, Shallow water, rich of coral reefs, various colorful fish.  You will do snorkeling around the beach to see attraction of marine life.

Your snorkeling time is over. Then you sail back to Komodo Harbor. On arrival at harbor you go ahead to local market of Komodo Local people. In the market the people sell some souvenirs. Those souvenirs are statue of dragon, necklaces and bracelet from Original, Manta Ray necklaces as well Komodo Dragon Blouse.  Afterwards you get pier for sailing back to your cruise ship. Your 1 day Komodo island tour from cruise ship is over

Price Included:

  • wooden boat
  • Mineral water
  • English speaking Guide
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Entrance ticket
  • Snorkeling ticket
  • Ranger fee
  • government tax

Price excluded:

  • alcohol drink
  • insurance
  • tipping
  • Camera fee
  • any expenses

What to Bring:

  • sun lotion
  • mosquito repellent
  • towel
  • sun glasses
  • trekking shoes

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