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Komodo Tour Package  3 Days ( 2 Days on Boat 1 N Hotel

Komodo Tour package is special tour packages offers tourist to visit Komodo National Park. Basically,  komodo tour package which komodo island as the main spot of the tour package.

Land Park and Marine Park Tour

Moreover, komodo tour package copes Land Park tour and Marine Park tour package. Basically, the land park tours consist of five main lands where Natural Habitat of  Giant Lizard lives. Those islands are Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Motang, Nusa Kode as well.

Beautiful Marine Life

Generally, marine park tour copes the Marine life tours. Basically, marine park tours has riches objects such rich of various coral reefs, varieties of colorful fishes. Moreover, Whale Shark, other types of Shark, Jelly Fish, Manta Ray, as well as some others marine Life tour.

Gergous Pink Beach

The beach is clean and the water is unspoiled which covered by wonderful capes and bays, for instance Pink Beach and Padar Island. Pink Beach is the pink sandy beach. The beach covered by combination of red and white sandstone. Padar Island Is the earth on Heaven which amazing capes and bays

Komodo Dragon Trekking Tour

Ancient Monitor Lizard (Komodo Dragon) family of varanus komodoensis is the last Carnivorous on earth. The great lizard is one of world heritage site since  1992 by UNESCO and in 2011 the Biggest Lizard became One of New Seven Wonders of the Nature.

Obviously, komodo dragon exist only around komodo national park of Indonesia. Komodo Dragon as main destination of the tour object. Komodo  island Tour want to make tour memorable by combining Land tour and Marine Park tour. It will make your tour imprint ever.

Beside Komodo Island as main destination of tour package, Rinca Island is another of the main island of the your tour. These islands are the best spot to discover  the Dragon.

Other Tours

In Komodo National Park, Not only Komodo Dragon that you visit during tour in the Island but also you will discover some animals. Those animals are monkeys, deer, wild board, wild chicken,snakes as well some kinds of birds. Particularly, the snakes are cobra, python, viper, lives on both island.

Komodo Snorkelling Tour

During Komodo Tour Package you will do snorkelling and sunbathe around Komodo National Park such as snorkelling around Pink Beach, Manta Ray Point, Kelor Island, Kanawa Island, Bidadari Island, Taka Makassar as well and some other islands surroundings

Best Photo Spot

During Komodo island  Tour You will get marvelous photo spot at Padar Island, Kelor island, Rinca Island, Komodo Island and so much more photo spot.

our komodo island tour package almost stay on board during tours around komodo national park. moreover, staying on board almost  90%.

Komodo Tour package offers visitors who want to make their memorable trip by visiting marvellous nature panoramic and wonderful of Komodo Dragon.

Our Komodo  tour package are selected tour package.

Here are some places to be visited
Day 1 : Labuan Bajo- Rinca -Komodo-Kalong

Komodo tour Package guide pick you at komodo airport in the morning. Then, transfer to harbour for sailing to Rinca Island. It takes two and half hours.

On arrival at the island. The naturalist guide will handle you during trekking and hiking in the dense forest.

You will see Komodo Dragon on the Island as well as some other  animals like monkey, deer etc. On the hill of the island you could breathtaking of the blue ocean panorama surrounding the island.

Afterwards you sail to komodo island as the natural habitat of the komodo dragon. It takes two hour sailing to the island.

Arriving at the island, the naturalist guide will accompany you to see either komodo dragon or wild life as follows wild board, any kinds of flora and fauna exist such as cockatoo , green imperial pigeon, etc.

After tracking you sail to Kalong for overnight.

Day 2: Kalong-Pink Beach-manta ray point-kanawa Island-labuan Bajo

In the morning you sail to Pink Beach. The pink sandy is wonderful of mixing white sandy with broken coral reefs. You will do snorkelling in the water around the beach. Moreover, the water is pure which richness of coral reef and various of colourful fishes in the marine life.

Afterwards, you sail to manta point. At manta point you will do snorkelling around the boat when see the manta rays appear in water surface.

After snorkeling at manta point you sail to Kanawa Island. At the island you will do snorkeling to see a lot of colourful fishes as well as enjoy white sandy Beach. Afterward You sail to Labuan Bajo and check in hotel.

Day 3: Hotel-Mirror Cave – Local Market – Airport

The guide of komodo tour package and driver pick you up at hotel. Then drive to Mirror cave. You will enter the cave to see fossil of Marine life in the Cave.  Then, drive to drop you off at Airport in Labuan Bajo for flight to next destination place.

Tour Price of Komodo Tour Package on Request

Price Include :

  • English Speaking Guide
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Cabin Fan/ Ac Boat Boat
  • Private Ac Car during land tour
  • Meals on Boat
  • Coffee and Tea and refresment
  • Mineral Water

Price Exclude:

  • Porter fee at Airport
  • Entrance fee on Komodo National Park ( start from 310.000 IDR/Day/Person )
  • Donation Fee
  • all fee and donation in every tourism objects
  • meals during Land Tours
  • Life Insurance
  • Camera Fee
  • Tipping

What to bring during Komodo Tour Package

  • Sun lotion
  • mosquito repellent
  • hat
  • sun glasses
  • towel
  • Walking shoes
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